Saturday, November 12, 2011

Long time no post

Many things have happened since our last posting in February. Sarah Marriage has moved onto the College of the Redwoods Fine Furniture school ( Before she left, she completed some very fine work on the bathrooms in the house. Since August, Hyeseung and I have been making progress mainly through work with contractors. Here is an abbreviated list of what has been accomplished in the past couple months
  • Hyeseung's art studio on the top floor has been finished.
  • The ceiling on the living room was replaced with new electrical for chandelier.
  • Tile floor is installed in the kitchen and all walls are patched.
  • One of the kitchen doors to the outside was bricked over and all the walls in the kitchen were patched.
  • A new ceiling was put on the kitchen (after the old one was pulled down).
  • The living room, dining room and kitchen are painted.
  • New appliances (stove, fridge, dishwasher) are purchased.
  • Cabinets were designed and purchased (tbd 4 weeks with countertops arriving 3 weeks later).
  • The holes in the brick work in the back of the house were patched.
Here is a photo showing the brickwork in the back. It looks so much better.

In this picture, you can also see the new glass door that we had added to the kitchen. All the new brick work is in red. We used old bricks from the house to match the existing. These bricks are a century old and much softer than their modern equivalents. For this reason you want to use softer mortar, but I'm sure the contractor didn't do this. Also you can see they go the wrong color on the mortar on the left of the new door (grey instead of tan). C'est la vie (with contractors anyways). They get lots of work done and you can't always expect it to be perfect.

Here is a shot of the living room (blurry, sorry), where you can see the mirror mounted and H's nice choice of blue color for the paint. (The mirror is hung low... ugh.)
Who is that dashing fellow in the reflection? Also here is the kitchen with new floor, door, etc.
The stove is cool. It's a Bertazonni which got pretty good reviews and will be fun to cook with when the kitchen is all set up. The damn stove legs came bent in, but hopefully the rest of the stove works. You can see the glass door in the background that is the same as the glass door in the shot of the bricks (first image in the post). This looks out onto our "back yard" which is basically a construction site right now (with herbs thanks to Sarah). You can also see the radiator that the contractors recently painted black. They did not remove the existing, chipping paint (argh) so this will have to be redone at some point. Lots of other stuff for us to deal with in the mean time. Hopefully post again soon...


  1. So glad to hear from you lovely lady. Are you making furniture for the Third House from the Left? Post pics!

  2. Fooled you Jennifer; this is Toby! Sarah is indeed making furniture, but not for the house (yet!). She had back surgery and is recovering. Send her an email/give her a call.

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