Sunday, August 11, 2013

Whack Attack

The largest looming project at the third house from the left is the back yard (including reinstalling the deck etc). Until we begin that major campaign the yard must be defended from the formidable Baltimore weed invasion. Enter the weed whacker. My dad owned a corded whacker, and my memories of that tool suggested that it would handily clear our small backyard jungle. So I made my way to the hardware store and, my lord, I met an intimidating array of whackers from Gasoline powered trimmers to battery powered units with prices as high as $300:

I found my tool at the end of the aisle: a $30 corded unit, which looked like my dad's trimmer, fit the bill. Here is a photo of the whacker assembled at the house, ready to do battle.

I made two passes, with the second in a demolition mode bringing the line down to the ground and tearing out weeds to the root. Here is the before and after:


  1. Don't forget Roundup, that miraculous product. They'll never know what hit 'em. Ian

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  3. Yah. I got a bit spooked with my round up when one of my favorite trees died (a mimosa tree that attracted hummingbirds). It was probably not b/c of the round-up that I used to use, but nonetheless I have been spooked!